What Money Can Buy

‘Money is not everything, and can never bring lasting true happiness’.

If yes, then what brings lasting happiness?

If no, then why do you think that money is so powerful and controlling?

I got various answers for the above post and I loved reading all of them. I would like to share what I feel:

Money is a very tricky thing. It is like a double edge sword, when used rightly, it can do wonders but it has a very strong potential to lure a person into a dark pit of greed and power hunger. Money is energy, like everything else in the world. We exchange it to buy the efforts of each other. Every one has a role in this world and to perform that role, we make efforts. Not every one can do everything, so we use money to buy the things and services from each other. This is as simple as it can get regarding money.

When does money become evil? It attracts dark energy, when it is used exclusively for self benefit, when it is used to exploit others and when it is hoarded, as if we are meant to live our worldly life forever! When it is used to control people and attain power, money becomes a negative commodity.

When does money become acceptable and positive?
Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, and in our modern times, wealth is represented by money, so money is not a bad thing as it ensures that everyone capable makes an effort to earn it, for the sake of fairness. Excess money becomes good, when it is used for the uplifting of those, who are in need and betterment of society and when earned ethically and morally.

A delicate line is always present, for a person who starts to earn more money, than needed for self sustenance. If they remain grounded and close to God, they will use money for righteous purposes, or else they will get sucked into their own whirlpool and get lost in their dark pit of never ending greed.

Does money bring happiness? The answer to this is yes and no.

Yes, when we share it with those, who need it and are struggling in life, and when we use it for the good of mankind and society at large, it brings us true happiness. Also if we have sufficient money to live comfortably, then we can devote our extra time in worshipping God and get closer to our Divinity. However, this is debatable because many great sages achieved enlightenment without a penny also! So, I could be completely wrong, because I personally have not reached that stage of being penniless and still be able to live. I am also not the type to depend on alms and instead believe in using my professional skills to help people and make a decent living out of it. Perhaps, in time, my perception will change?

So, what brings lasting happiness?

The eternal question, which has been asked by every person whose Soul has finally got tired of reincarnating repeatedly. Lasting happiness as per me, is only possible when we find our true Self or God. When we understand that we are beyond our physical body and mind, and our identity is not who we appear to be, but a divine eternal Soul. This Awareness brings us absolute peace and content. All relations (family and friends) in our lifetime are transient, all our possessions are perishable and will be left behind after death, all our degrees and achievements are also transient and even our body will not go along with us. Only our efforts in our devotion to God, will go along with us. So then why to waste most of our time in running after transient possessions, while neglecting what is really valuable? That is the way of Maya, who keeps us trapped in mundane worldly things, so that we remain bounded to Karma and keep coming back. When we awaken, and start realizing the ways of Maya, we will break free and that will bring lasting happiness. No worry to impress anyone, to compete with anyone, to be bothered about what others think about us or whatever, not even be afraid of death anymore! To be content with what we have and remain in that belief that God will take care of us always, and we need not worry about tomorrow but just perform our duty today. Imagine, losing fear completely? When fear goes, love comes in and with Love, comes happiness, Eternal Bliss.

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